Picture this … The Queen of Children’s picture books holding the Queen of England’s bloomers! Not just holding them but crediting them for the changes in society that allow us to lead the independent and adventurous lives that we live today.

Imagine the joy for a Victoria woman with knickers, when she pedalled off on a bicycle for the first time!

You can see that same joy in a small child when they master their bicycle. The new found freedom is priceless.

The fears and frustrations of the day are blasted away by the wind playing with your pigtails and brushing the toast crumbs off your chin. The blood stirred by those furiously pumping legs pushes away the cobwebs and kick starts your creativity.

Jackie French said, “The stories we tell to children or the stories we make possible for children to tell, are our most powerful weapon against fear.”

So get you knickers on and go ride a bike!