I am a cat woman … never been interested in dogs, particularly. Nothing against them, they are just not very good at sitting on laps. Somehow they seem awkward on a lap, with legs and nails that stick in and parts that slide off. Twitching and panting every time you turn a page. Better on or under you feet perhaps.

So how did this puppy manage to wriggle its way into my Middle Grade chapter book as chief sidekick?

big lick

And not just any sidekick … Kipper has a POV!

Kipper is a dog of two halves. Granny Jane owns the front half and is responsible for; sniffing, barking and food-in. Her grandson, Johnny Bumpty, owns the back half and is responsible for the tail wagging and well… food-out! Johnny can’t remember just how he got the back half but he says that even the back half of Kipper is better than a whole other dog.



Kipper plays tennis and helps solve mysteries. Actually she is a Wonder Dog. That’s an ‘I Wonder what’s under that big pile of books?’ kind of Wonder Dog.


So. Here I am. Not a natural dog empathiser … writing from a dogs point of view! At least I have the real Kipper for inspiration. Suddenly I’m a dog twitcher. I’m stopping dog walkers on Sandgate promenade. I’m laughing wildly as dogs roll in mud and canter through puddles. And when Kipper jumps onto the table in the dog park, I nearly spontaneously combust!

I’m so glad you can’t see me. I’ve been writing a scene where Johnny comes running into the house to tell Granny something. I can’t quite get the action right so I’m running up and down my stairs throwing my hands up in the air. Now Kipper is joining the scene …

All I can say is,that my knees aren’t happy!