This was my first time at the CYAconference

I was so lucky to go with my Write Links buddies who showed me the ropes and shared some laughs.


I was so proud to be sitting with these lovely ladies, who’s dedication to their craft was rewarded on the day, when they placed in the competitions.

There were many people who volunteered on the day or who judged competition entries ( like me 🙂 ) who made the conference possible and affordable for everyone.

I was happy to meet and chat with lots of other writers and illustrators too. I feel like I was one of many friendly faces in the rooms where we all had so much in common. I am also new in The Duck Pond but there were quite a few duckies quacking around the place.


Everyone was very approachable. Here is the woman of the day, Tina, sharing a laugh with June and I, while keeping everything running smoothly.


Pamela Rushby was happy to tell Melinda and I, which were of her (over 200) books, were her favourite to write. She recalled researching a group working to preserve the Bilby and how good it was to know her writing would be helping them too.

So I am glad I have my first conference under my belt. I can’t wait for next year!


CYA lata!