Julia ferracane, MD of Saint Copy – Publicity and Communications talked us though the currently available social media.


Her first message was, ‘Don’t talk to, talk with’.

Invite people to follow you with a gift such as a free ebook. ‘Head here for a free template’. Engage them by asking questions and encouraging feedback.

Use Micro pieces of conversation to build your brand. You might like to choose a colour and try and include that colour in some way in everything you post to build continuity.

Let them know who the person out front really is. Give your followers light and shade by posting different things like photos, a quote or a blog post. If you are promoting or selling something you can ballance this by using humour such as … ‘I’m so excited! Woohoo! My story has been published! If you want to check it out go to …’ You can also post about the story behind making the book.

Catch your followers attention accross your chosen social media with phrases like ‘My next blog post is out, have a look.’ ‘really excited. I just finished blogging about …’ or ‘This came up today so I wanted to share incase anyone felt the same’. ‘Monday morning image from …’ or ‘Happy first day of the month/week/year.’

Keep up with the new technology such as videos on FB live, Instagram stories which are 60 seconds long. FB posts with imagry have a 39% higher response.

The real goal is to work out your taget audience. Look at other social media users and see what they do or don’t do. Find out where your target audience hangs out, what their interests are and who else they follow. Start conversations, participate in chats and expand your network.

Above all make sure your social media looks good on a mobile device, as that is how most people will be viewing it.

I’m really enjoying Instagram, especially since discovering Plann for Instagram. What is your favourite social media platform?

psst See what I did there?

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