Jake is the CEO of Humble Sage Games, a Game Developer/Writer and author.

He spoke to us about writing for the dynamic gaming industry. Jake told us about the epic fantasy role play game called Gates of Angaria he is currently writing with his team. He has found it very different to write as a team as each writer has a unique voice.

They have decided that each team member will be responsible for one of the races in the game. This way they are able to develope the depth of character needed to enhance the players world emersion. As the characters come together and plot points combine, the writers have to negotiate with each other.

As you enter the world you will recognise a sense of familiarity but recognise that this world is not exactly as it is in our world. Throughout the game the players are drawn into the world through layers built with words, sketches, reference to real things and music as a mood enhancer.

The aim is to leave the world as it is doomed. The players can only do that if they work together. The characters must choose whether to compete or join together. The choices the character makes changes the way they play. For example they will take on personal traits such as selfishness but the result is that other players wont help them. Keep your enemies alive and they may live to help you later.

Jake encourages us to think about if we are writing as a reader or a player.

Jake left us with the words ‘Think carefully about your marketing. You must deliver what you say you will.’ Humble Sage is focusing more on the story rather than the visuals.