Michelle’s goal is to inspire children (and aspiring authors) to believe in themselves!

Rule #1 is that you must get the story out of your head and onto the page, no exceptions, no excuses, no fear!

Michelle gave us a picture book template to get started. Here is a similar one I found online. Picture Book template by Inkygirl.com

Through picture books you can connect with children in your home town or in another country. As well as being entertaining picture books can be tools used by parents, teachers and therapists. They can help children learn about problem solving.

Michelle then turned to the two ‘hatchlings’ sitting in the front row and said ‘You don’t have to be a grown up to do this!’ They high fived and grinned. Probably the highlight of the conference for them.

Michelle reminded us to be remarkable: worthy of being or likely to be noticed especially as being uncommon or extraordinary 

Today I have sent in the illustration for my short story Mr Woolly’s Fossil Shop and it has been uploaded to the Alfiedog.com site. It is remarkable how much pleasure this gives me. I hope lots of people enjoy reading it!

What have you done that is remarkable today?