I have just read Song Bird The Battle of Bug World by the dynamic Karen Tyrrell. The story is so fast paced and positive I feel like I could take on the world myself!

No wonder the Song Bird series has a growing following of young girls. Through the books they are finding validation and encouragement that they can achieve their dreams and make a difference.

Reading the girlheroproject , the founder and hugely successful author Susannah says she ensures the stories are age-appropriate and free from the consumerism and label-frenzy that is often targeted to young girls.

The Song Bird stories also follow this line of thinking. The Battle of Bug World is fantasy and includes amazing inventions by the wheelchair bound Amy and the children travel deep into the earth to Bug World. However the only time we hear about what they are wearing is when Song Bird changes into her superhero costume complete with rotor blades to boost her flying ability!

Wheelchair bound Amy is an asset to the story not a liability and timid Ben is brave and resourceful when his friends are in danger. Throughout the story the friends are trying to help the people around them, even those who have not been kind to them.

The Battle of Bug World is fast paced, action filled right from the first line as purple stars whizz across the emerald green sky of a superstorm. The world is in turmoil with the environment being affected in dramatic ways that mirror what is happening in our own world.

Song Bird’s secret to her powers is singing – until she gets a sore throat. There isn’t any honey to sooth it because the bees have all disappeared. Song Bird, AKA Rosie, is resourceful and won’t let this stop her from rescuing her sister, Raven and finding out what the sinister Frank has to do with the disasters.

Despite her super powers, Rosie, is just an ordinary girl with the doubts and insecurities we all have. When she hears she has to go into the earthy to investigate she says;

‘Someone else has to go down to check it out.’

‘Someone brave.’

‘Someone not me.’ 

Rosie is able to do these brave things because her friends and family believe in her and support her. She knows her friends are precious and is comforted when Amy grabs her hand.

Amy’s only twelve years old, but she has the cleverest science brain ever. She can solve any problem using her brainpower. And Ben was the bravest kid and truest friend I could ever wish for.

Rosie is also supported by her teacher, Miss Darling AKA Wonder Girl. After the children are involved in a terrifying bus accident she uses a strategy that would be helpful for children in many situations, she asks the children to write about what has happened to them.

Miss Darling grabbed my hand. ‘You can do it. I believe in you, now believe in yourself.’

Other strategies Rosie uses are visualisation, brainstorming, talking through problems and always finding something positive to focus on.

To me Song Bird’s super powers are not the ability to fly and lift busses but being a loyal and supportive friend and never giving up!

Karen inscribed in my copy Believe in yourself!

I certainly do after reading Song Bird The Battle of Bug World.

karen tyrrell