I can’t wait to tell you the opening line …

‘Bite him again,’ I urge my little sister.

Ha! I know. Brilliant!

and how about …

Kev was strange, sluggish and smelled disgusting … and that was before he became a zombie!

OK. So we know these books are funny and appeal to children, however the humour is clever and I think they will be read by both girls and boys.

He (Kev) manages a lopsided smile and then there’s another sound. A long sound, a bit like when you let the air out of a balloon slowly by squeezing the opening closed.

Undead Kev follows on from My Zombie Dog where Fossil, the Zombie Dog, has started a zombie epidemic. Kev’s best mate Zane was given Fossil as a 14th birthday present.

Fossil even reverted to being a relatively normal dog, if normal includes being small and fluffy with a stare that could send chills through to the core of your sole.

Zane’s little sister Elise is a biter and it turns out her bite is the cure. Except when she bites Kev he is still a Zombie. Elise is one of two girl hero’s the other being Molly who Zane has a crush on.

Elise studies the seventeen dolls lined up in rows on her bed. There’s an order, something to do with the seriousness of their injuries. The ones without heads are at the front. Behind those sit Barbies and Cindys with missing limbs, or bite marks. The dolls at the back are just the Band-Aid wearers.

Elise is always the doctor and Zane is the nurse.

I try to show some enthusiasm for Elise’s sake, but I can’t muster my usual level of contribution to the medical drama that unfolds in Elise’s surgery for the beheaded. 

Mothers, fathers, grandmothers … no one is safe from the friendly banter. As a teacher herself, Charmaine has an eye for the potential rib tickling jokes to be made at the teacher’s expense.

Mr Shimmer smooths his comb-over and strides to the door. 

Even the chapter headings are droll, like The Almost Getaway, as Charmaine carries us, snorting with laughter, to the monkey fuelled ending.

charmaine clancy