This is a review by Mr Eleven, with some help from me.

We are starting at the beginning by checking out the first line. We both agree it’s a sizzling start!

When the doorbell rings at three in the morning, it’s never good news. 

It makes you want to find out what’s wrong. And what’s wrong is that the police are at the door. And Alex already knew. He knew from the way the police stood there, awkward and unhappy. But he also knew from the tone of their voices. Funeral voices …  

Alex finds out that his Uncle Ian’s car was hit by a lorry or so the police told him.  Alex lives with his uncle since his parents were killed in an accident. He thought that his uncle worked in the bank but after being called to a meeting there he soon works out that he was a M16 Secret Agent. He was assassinated on his way home from a mission investigating the Stormbreakers.

After 11 days of training, M16 send 14 year old Alex to finish his uncle’s mission.

His first assignment may well be his last …

The Sormbreakers are high tech computers due to be delivered to all the schools in the world but something seems wrong and it’s up to Alex to find out what and save the world!

‘I’ve told my Mum she should read the book tonight because it’s so good and I can’t wait to get the next one in the series,’ said Mr Eleven.

It’s a really good action story because they go through caves, Alex is tied to a chair and held captive and caught in a tank with a Portuguese Man of War.

He could see it in the far corner of the tank. It’s dreadful tentacles with hundreds of stinging cells, twisting and spiraling in the water. There was nothing between him and it. Alex fought the panic, forced himself to keep still. He realised that thrashing about in the water would only form a current that would bring the creature over to him.

I got really involved as the story was quite tense at times. Alex is told not to leave the room and when he did, I’m like, ‘You idiot!’

It seems like 11 days is not much training but it turns out his father, before he died, and his uncle, have been training him all his life. He is a karate expert.

Alex has lots of cool equipment like a cream to break glass, a yoyo with extreme grip and non-snapping wire and a Nintendo with three different games which all do different things like send messages, x-ray or release a smoke bomb that will prove very useful.

This is a bit of a change for me as I have normally gone for funny books like Frankie Fish by Peter Helliar or books about real life like Andrew Daddo’s Flushed and Youse two. We went into the YA section in the book shop to find the Alex Rider series but Mum was OK because our local librarian recommended it to us. Her sons have read it and she said that it was age appropriate. All of the copies were out of the library which was a sign that it’s popular.

Anthony Horowitz has written another series called The Power of Five so his books will keep me going for a while I hope. Sometimes with series the books can get a bit repetitive so I hope that doesn’t happen. I’ll keep this blog updated.

Alex Rider