Roaaaaarrrrr! What a fun day. I had the pleasure of watching Emma read her book, The Lion in our Living Room, to a mesmerised group of children. There were wide eyes and big grins on the faces of adults and children alike.

Have a look at Emma’s short video on her presentation.

Can you hear the roaring? If your Dad isn’t already king of the living room then this book will help him to loose his inhibitions, put away his technology and have some good old fashioned fun with his children!

Right from the beautiful end pages we feel the children’s anticipation…

Will he come? Wont he come?

Will he come and play?

The rhythm of the book carries us along, quivering and shivering with excitement. The rhyme and repetition keep us connected with Tom and Tilly as they search for the lion.

I love Briony Stewart’s illustrations as they magnify the story but still leave so much to the imagination. Children love to spot the lion shapes hidden in the drawings and a shadow of the lion, a tail or a paw.

The illustrations are gentle and imaginative enough for the book to be read at bed time. The story is full of anticipation and excitement but is satisfyingly peaceful at the end with promises of more fun tomorrow.

What great weekend reading with games of hide-and-seek, lion rides, cuddles and dress up masks. In the book the lion is the father but that doesn’t limit who can read the story or be the lion in the listening children’s life. A playful parent, a family friend or even an older sibling could easily start the fun.

Emma’s caring and gentle nature shines through as she introduces herself to the children through the use of puppets. Children warm to her quickly and are eager to hear the story and join in. Emma has put a lot of preparation into her presentation including an activity where the children can make their own lion mask.

Children will love the experience and the story and will be eagerly looking for the lion waiting in their own living rooms.