This is crazy series of early chapter books based on a different family living on Freak Street. There are the Wizardsons, Supersons, Robotsons, Humansons, Mummysons, Zombiesons, Piratesons, Vampiresons, Wherewolfsons and Aliensons.

I’m looking at Meet the Spysons today but we have read them all. A quick easy read with lost of coloured pictures, actually coloured pages! It’s just normal sized print on the pages but there isn’t much writing to get through on each page. There are just under 100 pages. A lot of the writing is dialog.

   “I’ll put the car into Sneaky Spy Mode,’ said Mr Spyson as they got closer and closer to the earth-shattering racket.

The opening blurb … “Welcome to Freak Street. A street like no other … until you take a closer look!”

…and the first line are attention grabbers.

‘Intruder!’ Shouted Sophie Spyson.

The intruder cannot be detected on any of their scanners. The book is full of crazy secret security gadgets and takes us to the family mission control bunker and top-secret spy cave!

As in any good children’s book the children, who are trainee spies have the lead roll’s. They ask all of the questions, make suggestions and save the day!

He climbed down slowly with his prize, but what he had in his hands shocked and dismayed the family. Because Scott Spyson had not caught a tiny supervillain, he had not captured a sinister rival’s spy robot, he hadn’t even caught a remote-controlled spy drone …

Knife & Packer  have written over 30 books for children. These were BookBoy’s favourites and he devoured them all.