Horrid Henry’s Holiday by Francesca Simon and illustrated by Tony Ross.

I’m going back in time a few years with this early reader. We are having a clear out and passing lots of books onto new homes. All of the Horrid Henry series book’s are on their way to share their giggles with others so I thought I’d do a quick review as they kept BookBoy happy for many hours.

We first discovered HH on a trip to Scotland at Christmas time. Someone there must have been having a clear out too and in Granny’s local charity shop the shelves were full of HH. We took a couple to give them a try but I wish we had grabbed them all!

They really appealed to BookBoy’s quirky sense of humour. Although HH can be a bit of a rotter it’s mostly just moans and groans.

Henry and Peter had never been on a boat before.

Henry jumped on and off the seats. Peter did a lovely drawing.

Henry ran back and forth between the aisles. Peter pasted stickers in his notebook.

Henry sat on a revolving chair and spun round. Peter played with his puppets.

Then Henry and Peter are a big greasy lunch of sausages and chips in the café.

The boat went up and down and up and down and up and down.

His younger brother Perfect Peter is a lovely counterbalance and most of the time I think I’d be on HH’s side!

“Where’s the toilet?” said Peter.

Dad pointed as a distant cubicle. Three people stood there waiting.

“All the way over there?” said Peter. “I’m not complaining,” he added quickly.

HH has picture books, Early Readers, chapter books and a TV show so you could work through them over a good stretch.