Lets start with the first line

Streaker is a mixed-up kind of dog.

OKay … I’m interested. I’ll read on …

You can see from her thin body and powerful legs that she’s got a lot of greyhound blood in her, along with quite a bit of Ferrari and a large chunk of whirlwind.

That’s more like it. Now I know it’s going to be fast paced and funny! The book is 122 pages long with large well spaced print and cheeky sketches every few pages. A great tempter into Chapter books for 7 year olds plus.

The plot is simple. Trevor agrees to walk Streaker for the school holidays. We learn that this will not be simple …

Nobody in our family likes walking her and this is hardly surprising. Streaker can out-accelerate a torpedo!

Trevor’s Mum was so keen to get Trevor to do it that she offered him thirty pounds to walk Streaker, every day, for the two week holiday.

Thirty pounds was a lot of money. I could do loads with that. On the other hand – and this was the big crunch – I would have to walk Streaker.

Trevor has to find a way to control Streaker. He asked himself:  what does Streaker do best?  

But I reckoned that the one thing that she really shone at was speed. Streaker was a rocket on four legs. Maybe I could use her fantastic speed to my own ends.

Oh dear! From there follows a series of disastrous ideas.

  ‘I know your clever ideas, Trevor,’ said Dad. ‘They never work.’

You will enjoy this quirky book full of lots of wacky comedy and you are in luck …

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