I ordered this through the Scholastic school book club when BookBoy (10) was looking for a new series to start. He didn’t even want to try them … but I got right into them! He doesn’t seem to be into fantasy unless it’s a world similar to our own. He is devouring the Percy Jackson and follow on series. So this one is from me for lovers of otherworld fantasy!

The Dragonets are coming … to save the day

The five dragonets have lived, hidden away under the mountain, since they were stolen as eggs. They are destined to end the war that is raging between the dragon tribes. But when one of them is in danger the dragonets make decisions that change their lives forever.

In this series we get to travel all over this amazing world and visit the different dragon tribes. Each book is based on a different dragonet and their desire to find their tribe and their place in the world. I think these books would appeal to boys and girls as their are quite a few feisty female dragons playing pivotal roles with lots of action. Meanwhile the dragonets of the prophecy continue to try to bring peace to their tribes.

The reader immediately connects with the different dragons especially the big hearted Mudwing, Clay, who carries the story in the first book.

Wind that smelled of the sea whistled around his ears as they swooped down. Reeds bent and ducked away from the breeze of their landing. Clay felt his claws sink into wet, marshy dirt, and a shiver of joy ran along his spine.

The books are 300 odd pages long so ideal for keen readers. There are 2 series with 5 books in each and a new one due out June 2018. Can’t wait!

I’ve started flicking through the books … think I might read them all over again to be ready for June!

  • Words in italics are quoted from Wings of Fire: The Dragonet Prophecy