by Michael Panckridge

reviewed by Lucy McGinley

You can tell Michael Panckridge, the author of The Legend Series, enjoys sport. He has packed these books with action, sporting challenges and quizzes galore. Right from the start, when you flick past the updated covers, you feel like you are one of the competitors. There is a list of event dates, scoring rules, practice info and an update on who is placing where in the Sandhurst ‘Legend of Sport’ competition.

We meet Mitchel, who in his first year at Sandhurst is going for the title of the school’s Sporting Legend – the best out of eight sports. However, it’s not going to be easy. His main rival, Frisk, will stop at nothing to win. Will they be able to settle their differences to team up against the tough, scary kids from Wetherhood … the Hoods? Mitchel soon makes friends with Jack…

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