A Sing and Read story book by scholastic, Illustrated by Constanza Basaluzzo

I love playing this game with pre-schoolers so I thought the book would be a great resource to extend this.

I’ve also made a puppet activity using the Montessori Parts of the Frog outline. Obviously this is also an early math activity. It is also a great song to transition children off to another activity if you have the time to send a few off at a time.


I think the pictures of the frogs eating some most delicious bugs are really amusing. The silly bugs just don’t seem to learn to stay away … I almost feel sorry for them!

It is another good talking point however as we need frogs (and spiders) to keep the insect population under control. In a very simplified version … if there were no spiders, the crops would all be eaten by insects and the human race would have nothing to eat … except insects?

Its a lovely touch to have the music at the end as this is about my skill level on the piano.